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Save or Splurge: finding the perfect balance to make your dream kitchen a reality

Updated: Feb 12

When it comes to crafting the perfect kitchen, each decision plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired aesthetic and functionality. Join us as we take a behind-the-scenes look at one of our recent kitchen renovations, where balancing budget constraints with the desire for luxurious touches was key. Here's how we approached some of the most crucial elements of the design process:

Charlotte North Carolina Kitchen Renovation

Photo by My Name is Lovejoy Photography


Lighting is often considered the statement jewelry of a well-designed space, pulling everything together with finesse. While quality lighting can elevate the ambiance, we also understand the importance of budget-conscious decisions. For this project, we scoured online retailers like and Wayfair to find affordable alternatives to our original selections, ensuring that the lights still achieved the desired look without compromising quality.


In our quest to balance savings and splurges, countertops presented an opportunity to save without sacrificing style. By utilizing stocked stone options from our distributor, we were able to avoid the expense of purchasing full slabs, ultimately reducing costs. Opting for patterns with subtle variations, such as Cambria's Signature series, allowed us to achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank.

Charlotte North Carolina Kitchen Renovation

Photo by My Name is Lovejoy Photography


When it came to creating a focal point in the kitchen, we didn't hesitate to splurge on the backsplash. Opting for a laser-cut marble and glass tile added instant luxury to the space, elevating it from functional to fabulous. While this investment required reallocating funds from other areas of the budget, the impact it had on the overall design was undeniable.


With a vision for a white perimeter and a natural wood island, cabinetry presented an opportunity to blend splurges with savings. While we opted for quality, semi-custom cabinets for the perimeter to keep costs in check, we didn't hesitate to splurge on the island cabinets to achieve the desired color and finish. This strategic approach allowed us to stay within budget while still achieving the desired look.


When it came to plumbing fixtures, we prioritized quality and durability while also keeping costs down. By selecting Moen products from a range of price points, we were able to offer our clients quality products with a lifetime warranty without exceeding their budget. Additionally, opting for a stainless steel sink helped to further reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Charlotte North Carolina Kitchen Renovation



In a kitchen with stacked cabinets and double islands, hardware played a significant role in achieving the desired aesthetic. While we opted for quality products from Top Knobs, we strategically selected smaller sizes to keep costs down without sacrificing style. This approach not only helped to maintain the minimalist look we were aiming for but also ensured that the focus remained on the overall design rather than the hardware details.

Photo by My Name is Lovejoy Photography

In conclusion, navigating the balance between saving and splurging in a kitchen renovation requires careful consideration and strategic decision-making. By prioritizing investments in key areas while finding opportunities to save without compromising quality, it's possible to create a stunning kitchen that meets both aesthetic and budgetary goals. Join us for more insights and inspiration as we continue to explore the world of home renovation.

Happy remodeling!

Hummingbird Home Renovation

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