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A bathroom renovation encompasses a range of elements to transform this essential space into a haven of comfort and style. It involves upgrading fixtures such as the sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Tiling is a crucial aspect, encompassing floor, wall, and possibly even accent tiles for a personalized touch.

Cabinetry and storage solutions play a pivotal role in optimizing space and organization. Lighting is carefully considered to create ambiance and functionality, with options ranging from task lighting around mirrors to decorative fixtures.

Plumbing and electrical work will be necessary to accommodate new features and ensure optimal performance.

Ultimately, a successful bathroom renovation combines practicality with design flair to create a space that meets your needs and reflects your personal style.

Budget Breakdown

  • 25% Tile Material & Installation

  • 20% Cabinetry & Hardware

  • 15% Plumbing Fixtures & Faucets

  • 15% Countertops

  • 5% Glass Shower Enclosure

  • 5% Doors & Windows

  • 5% Design Fees

  • 5% Other

Option 1 - no arch.jpg


An entry-level bathroom embodies simplicity and functionality, offering standard-quality fixtures to meet everyday needs. The design centers on practicality, with a straightforward layout and essential elements.


Flooring options may include ceramic or porcelain tiles that mimic natural stone, providing durability and a touch of elegance. Cabinetry selections range from pre-fabricated vanities to options from our in-house cabinetry line, offering both convenience and style.


Stylish overhead lighting fixtures ensure adequate brightness, while countertops may feature materials like granite or basic quartz, adding a hint of sophistication to the space.


Though the design avoids extravagant features, it still exudes a sense of charm and functionality, making a lasting impression.

TL_lorri grant - 17.JPG


A mid-range bathroom goes beyond the basics, offering upgraded fixtures that boast superior quality and style. This includes stylish sink, toilet, and the luxury of a separate bathtub and shower for added comfort and convenience.

Enhanced cabinetry from our in-house custom line provides improved storage options, featuring superior materials and finishes for durability and visual appeal. Countertops are upgraded to mid-range materials like quartz or higher-quality granite, adding a touch of sophistication.

The lighting design is carefully crafted, blending ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.


Attention to design details is key, with decorative elements and upgraded fixtures contributing to a refined and luxurious overall aesthetic.

Final 3.jpg


A high-end bathroom radiates luxury, boasting top-notch fixtures like a freestanding bathtub, custom shower, and designer sink and toilet setups. Flooring options span from elegant natural stone to sophisticated hardwood or high-quality tiles.

Custom cabinetry steals the spotlight, showcasing premium materials and clever storage solutions. Lighting is carefully crafted for both style and functionality, featuring smart controls and decorative fixtures. Plus, you might even enjoy the luxury of heated floors.

Countertops are adorned with lavish materials such as marble, granite, or upscale quartz, adding a touch of opulence to the space. With refined design elements and personalized finishes, this bathroom offers a spa-like retreat, turning everyday routines into indulgent experiences.

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