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our frequently asked questions serve as a resource for everyone looking to renovate their home with us. 

  • Why should I chose Hummingbird Home Renovation over another company?
    In the remodeling business, a simple comparison of labor and material seems logical to many potential clients. However, there are many contributing factors to consider when choosing and comparing home renovation companies. Your choice should boast superior craftsmanship, professional and straightforward business practices, expert project management, quality materials, fully licensed and insured workers, and compliance to regulations that apply to your project. Hummingbird can offer excellence in all of these various categories, and we go above and beyond our competitors in every facet of our work.
  • What areas in and around Charlotte do you serve?
    We serve every neighborhood within I485, as well as Ballantyne, Belmont, Cornelius, Davidson, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Indian Trail, southeast area of Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Marvin, Mineral Springs, Mount Holly, Pineville, Riverview, Stallings, Tega Cay, Weddington, Waxhaw and Wesley Chapel. We do not do work in the Gastonia, York, Rock Hill, Lincolnton, Stanley, Denver, Concord or Salisbury areas.
  • Do your services include porches, sunrooms and decks?
    We focus solely on interior spaces and no longer build exterior structures like porches, sunrooms and decks. If you are wishing to add on an exterior project to a full interior renovation, (i.e. you are wanting to fully renovate your kitchen as well as build a back deck) we are happy to include the exterior project in your scope of work.
  • What's your typical project size?
    Our typical project size is $100,000-$500,000 although we take on projects of various sizes.
  • How long will my renovation take?
    The duration of the project varies depending on its scope. While every project is unique, kitchen remodels usually take between 8 to 12 weeks, while primary bathroom remodels typically range from 6 to 8 weeks. Once we've finalized the scope of your project, our team will provide you with an estimated start and completion date based on that scope.
  • What kind of training/experience does your designer have?
    Our seasoned Lead Architectural Designer, Katie Brown, has been in the industry for over a decade with a B.F.A in Interior Architecture, not to mention 13 NARI Contractor of the Year awards and a notable Regional Award under her belt. You’ll be hard pressed to find a designer more dedicated, detail-oriented and creative elsewhere in Charlotte.
  • Do I have to buy everything from you?
    Mostly, with some exceptions. Our projects do not include appliances, so you would source those on your own. Our designer, however, can offer assistance and coordinate meetings with our local appliance vendors. Also, while decorative lighting can be included in your scope of work, some clients prefer to source it on their own. For all other materials, our designer will provide selection options as well as schedule visits to our trusted vendors as necessary. We will purchase the materials for you and store them at our warehouse until install.
  • Do I need to move out during the renovation?
    It depends. Most of our clients remain in the home during the remodel. We build a detailed project schedule during the design process and discuss ways to minimize the disruption of your daily routine. Of course, if you do choose to move out or go on a trip for all of part of the project, you’ll be able to keep up with the project and see progress pictures in our daily logs, which we post 1-2 times day during construction.
  • Do you do smaller projects and/or handyman repairs?
    As a full-service design and build firm, we focus primarily on whole room, full renovations. We do not do handyman projects or repairs, such as: - isolated repairing, replacing, installing of fixtures, doors and floors - paint jobs - partial kitchen or bathroom renovations - exterior add-ons - roof work If any of these items is an element of a larger renovation, then we're happy to include it in your scope of work.
  • Do I need to be home all day?
    No. Your project manager will handle all the day to day running of the project and supervise everything. He or she will do daily progress reports and send them to you through your online project portal so you know what’s happening whether you are home or not.
  • How do you keep my home clean?
    With any renovation there will be dust, however, we use HEPA filters, air movers, drop cloths, plastic covers and dust barriers around the work area to separate and keep the jobsite clean. Our goal is to make staying in your home during the remodel as comfortable as possible.
  • Do we have to store materials in our garage until construction begins?
    After placing your material orders, we maintain control of the process. Upon their arrival, we meticulously inspect and store them in our warehouse until they're required on site. You won't have to spend half of your day waiting for a delivery or scrambling to find storage space. We handle all of that for you, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.
  • Do we need to make a space for storing materials?
    No you don’t. We will order and store all your materials in our warehouse then bring them to your home as needed during the project. We will keep a 6×12 trailer on site during the project so we can store materials and equipment there. Sometimes there are very long materials like trim, or very large things like appliances that we may ask to store in your garage for a day or two if possible.
  • How are day to day communication and project updates handled?
    We use BuilderTrend, a project management program, to keep everything organized. Through this system, you'll have access to an online portal where you can view schedules, make payments, and communicate with us. Your dedicated project manager will be on-site daily to oversee progress and update you with 1-2 daily logs. If you have any questions or feedback, simply leave a comment on the log or send a message, and our team will respond promptly.
  • How are change orders handled?
    We put great effort into detailed planning during the design phase to avoid the need for change orders later. If a change is necessary, however, we'll provide a proposal with the costs and timeline impact for your approval before proceeding with any additional work.
  • Do you guarantee your work?
    Yes, indeed. We offer a 2-year warranty on all our work and have a follow-up process in place. Approximately 6 months after your project is finished, we reach out to ensure everything is satisfactory and address any minor adjustments or touch-ups needed. Additionally, we check in with you annually throughout the warranty period.
  • Who needs to attend the initial meeting?
    It's crucial to have all decision-makers present at the initial meeting. Here, we evaluate the homeowner's goals and intended investment for the project, as well as determine if we're a good fit to collaborate. Starting these discussions without everyone present wouldn't be productive.
  • When can you start?
    Many factors influence our ability to start the project. Even though a client may be excited and ready to start straight away it is our goal to be in your home for the shortest period of time possible while delivering superior quality renovation. The steps of our process, permit plan review periods, cabinet production lead times, material availability and selections of these products can be time-consuming.
  • Who will run my project?
    This is the question that many homeowners fail to ask prior to the start of their home renovation. They may like their salesperson but often forget to ask questions about the project manager that they will be working with directly for the next several months. Hummingbird Home only hires the best people to supervise our projects. When initially working with our customers, we take note of their personalities and try to pair them with a project manager with whom they might have similar interests or sense of humor. The goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and to be able to communicate effectively and respectfully throughout the life of the project. After 20 years in the business, we have learned that you have to pay for good talent. Our employees are paid salary, bonuses, and 401Ks, and they also have company vehicles and get plenty of vacation time. This means that you will be working with a superintendent with a great attitude who loves their job, is well compensated, and is motivated to give you the best service possible.
  • Do you use subcontractors?
    YES! Hummingbird Home ensures that all subcontractors/trade partners are fully licensed and insured with no exceptions. Specialty trades deliver the best results and give incredible attention to detail. We have long-standing relationships with our trade partners, so they understand our production systems and how we expect them to interact with our clients. We never send out a bid list out to several unfamiliar trade partners in an effort to obtain the lowest price possible. We only work with quality trade partners who stand behind their work.
  • Do I need to hire an architect?
    No, hiring an architect is not necessary when working with Hummingbird. We provide comprehensive design services with our in-house design team who collaborate seamlessly with the construction team throughout the remodeling process. However, if you already have plans, we're more than happy to collaborate with your designer or architect to complete your vision.
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