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about us

we make homes bloom

In 2016, our family-owned company, Hummingbird Home Solutions, began as a housekeeping, handyman, and home maintenance service. By 2020, we transformed into Hummingbird Home Renovation, a full-service Design/Build firm.


We're passionate about crafting stunning spaces for our clients.


Our aim is to not only deliver beautiful, functional, and timeless homes, but also to make the entire process efficient, collaborative, and enjoyable.

Hummingbird's renovation solutions offer comprehensive design and remodeling services, focusing on blending functionality and aesthetic appeal to create personalized sanctuaries. From kitchen upgrades to full home makeovers, our skilled team and trusted trade partners transform spaces with detailed planning and craftsmanship. We provide customized solutions across budgets, spanning custom cabinetry, premium appliances, and sophisticated finishes. With expertise in value and quality, we guide homeowners towards prudent investment decisions, ensuring renovations not only meet aesthetic desires but also add substantial value to their homes.

Your home should be your sanctuary...

a place to relax with loved ones, entertain good friends or return to after a long weekend away.  Our primary focus is creating these heartfelt spaces that bring warmth and joy to the hearts of families. We believe in delivering innovative design and construction solutions that are meticulously tailored to fulfill the unique dreams and aspirations of each client. With a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and meticulous attention to even the smallest of details, we go above and beyond to surpass expectations and cultivate enduring relationships. Our ultimate goal is to transform houses into cherished homes while ensuring a seamless journey throughout the entire process.

So, when you entrust your home to Hummingbird Home Renovation, we won't just renovate it--

we'll make it bloom.


meet  the  Hummingbird  team


Lorri Grant

Dennis Grant

Katie Brown

Ari Treppel

Chief Executive Officer,


Licensed General Contractor,


Lead Architectural


Marketing Coordinator

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