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home trends we're eyeing in 2024

Updated: Mar 13

2024 Home Design Trends

Welcome to the future of home design! As we step into 2024, the world of interior aesthetics is evolving at an unprecedented pace, blending innovation, sustainability, and functionality to create spaces that not only captivate the eye but also enhance our daily lives. In this blog, we'll be your guide through the latest trends shaping the homes of tomorrow. Join us on a journey through the most exciting and transformative home design trends of 2024.

2024 Home Trends - Brown is In

Say goodbye to the sterile color of grey and embrace the warm hug of adding a shade of brown to your home. Warm, earthy tones are still very much in this year as they were last, and brown is going to take center stage as the neutral to have in your home. Incorporate it into your space as a piece of furniture, a lighting fixture or an accent wall to immediately bring the cozy vibes in.

Need some more color inspo? Here are the shades and hues that are coming into the year feeling bold. Make sure to also take a look at our 2024 Color Forecast blog for your favorite paint supplier's color of the year!

2024 Home Trends - Popular Colors

Photos from Bertch, Pinterest, Studio McGee & Mannington

2024 Home Trends - Natural Wood

As we continue moving into a time when the trend is to bring the outside in and focus on warm tones and natural elements, natural wood will be a big player this year. Whether its saying goodbye to your grey wood floors or your white cabinets, we'll see a big shift into choosing warm woods for our homes.

2024 Home Trends - Artisanal Tile

Subway tile, make room for something more inspired - artisanal, handcrafted ceramic tile. While subway tile might still always be a go to, we'll be looking at more creative and authentic choices for tile. Selecting a tile that has texture, a fun shape and or an adventurous color, the selection of artisanal tile will bring personality and depth to any space. Warm tones and bold colors will be prevalent in the tile selection, as those color ways are in for 2024.

2024 Home Trends - Customized Secondary Spaces

In 2023, designing a kitchen that works for you was a main theme. Expanding on this idea, we'll see alot of customized secondary spaces go into renovations this year. Whether that be a butler's pantry, a back kitchen or even a wet bar or breakfast station, homeowners are wanting dedicated spaces for different tasks or items so that their main kitchen can stay tidy.

2024 Home Trends - Curated Eclectic

Minimalism is going out and the well-curated eclectic style is in! We're not saying you have to go full maximalist, but the curated eclectic trend is all about adding things into your home that you love. Mixing color, texture and shape, this modern eclecticism makes spaces look tailored, personable, cozy and lived in.

2024 Home Trends - Traditional Details

Out with the old and in with... the old. Classic, traditional elementals are going to a large part of design this year, as homeowners are wanting to incorporate the warm, timeless feel back into their homes. This all plays into saying goodbye to cool toned interiors to warmer, lived-in spaces. Traditional elements that will remain relevant are statement chandeliers, wainscotting, and crown molding. Spaces will be thoughtfully curated, everything having function and purpose.

2024 Home Trends - Boucle

We consulted with our designer about this one: Is bouclé still in? The verdict is yes. While you don't need your whole home covered in the textile, having a couple statement bouclé pieces is a yes. Adding a piece of bouclé furniture into your spaces adds the texture and shape we're seeing transfer from last year to this year in the design world. Many bouclé pieces also have the curves that will continue to be popular this new year.

2024 Home Trends - Quiet Luxury

Another big design trend we'll see this year is quiet luxury. Quiet luxury is about creating spaces in your home that focus on quality and not quantity. Focusing on light, creating space, clearing clutter, and adding texture and art will completely give any space in your home a glow up.

2024 Home Trends - Curves and Soft Edges

Are we seeing a collective trend yet? Pairing with the stay of bouclé and creating more warm and inviting spaces, curved furniture is a big thing we'll continue to see this year. Whether its an archway, organically shaped mirror or artwork, a spherical pendant or a curved sofa, adding in soft edges will immediately create a warmer and mor personable feel we're going to see in design this year.

Photo from Patrick A. Finn

2024 Home Trends - Backsplash Blend

Why settle for one backsplash when you can have two? This year, we'll see more homeowners opt for a blended backsplash - choosing one tile for the majority of the space, but adding a contrasting slab or other tile for where the range hood resides. This design will add an artful pop to your kitchen, as well as create contrast.

As we step into the promising realm of 2024, the design landscape is poised to embark on an exhilarating journey of innovation, functionality and creativity. As designers, creators, and enthusiasts, let's embrace these trends as catalysts for positive change, pushing the boundaries of our imagination and contributing to a future where form seamlessly meets function. Here's to a year of endless possibilities, where design becomes a powerful force shaping the world we live in.

Cheers to 2024, and happy remodeling!

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